First fountain:

After 20 years of wanting to make a fountain, I finally decided to try my hand. I found a used pump and dove into my scrap heap of pipe, hose, electrical conduit (a tennis ball) and a pickle pail for a reservoir.

were many (minor) surprises:

1. There's a big difference between how much the pump pumps when it's sitting in the kitchen sink and when it's pumping water up 4 feet. As it turned out the flow was perfect because it caused the effect in #2.

2. Surface tension can make water do strange things. I originally put the catcher cups in 'front' of the pourer cups but the water actually bends backwards as it sticks to the sides of the cup. A few taps with rubber mallet fixed this problem.

3. Wind.

Another picture with a bird feeder in the background:



I kind of like pipes.....




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