Starting Burr Oak Trees from Seed.

We'd like to use these Oak to fill plant in the areas where the plantings didn't take -- were killed by animals, crowded out by grass, or died of disease.

Fall 2002 there as an abundance of acorns under a Burr Oak tree located in front of Schlicter Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
I pass this tree every day riding to and from work and I began picking up the 'extra' acorns that fell on the street and side walk. These were being run over and crushed by car, bike, and foot traffic. In the years before 2001 the squirrels had these nuts gathered almost before they hit the ground. Either there were fewer squirrels this year or there were just too many nuts.
I gathered about half a pickle pail of nuts and stored them at 34 degrees F. packed in wet perlite until February 2002. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this since Burr Oak do not require stratification period before germinating (like their Red Oak cousins). The following the story of these nuts:

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