Starting Burr Oak Trees from Seed.


Transferring Burr Oaks to D40 tubes

Scene from the "processing plant".
Soil is mix of compost, sand, and perhaps -- at least in some of the mix -- bags of commercial potting soil and manure. transplantin.jpg
Taken 12 April 02

Trees came out of moist soil.
Planted in worm compost (Vermiculture).
All seed came from one tree on the U of Wis campus.
Stored with caps on in closed pickle pails in a 34 degree F. cold room from October to February.
Taken 12 April 02

Seedlings were removed from the box with a short potato fork.
The roots had worked between the sheets of newspaper that lined the bottom of the box.
All the tiny root hairs imbedded in the paper were more difficult to remove than from the soil itself.
Taken 12 April 02
Plenty of room for the tap root.
D40 "DeepPots" from
Taken 12 April 02

A tall cool glass of refreshing soil and a dish of crunchy dirt?
The stuff of legends. The mana of life. Bottoms up!
Taken 12 April 02

Some of the White Oak seedlings succumbed to some wilt or root rot? Maybe they have a longer taproot than the burr oak and need deeper pots.
Unfortunately the order from Hummert hadn't arrived in time (perhaps).
The plants that are doing well are actually seedlings of either muskmelon or watermelon from the virmiculture bin. Worms LOVE muskmelon rinds.
not happy in white.jpg
Taken 12 April 02
Burr Oak remaining to be transplanted from "the box".
Looks like a forest, doesn't it? Can you see it for the trees?
Forest in a box.jpg
Taken 12 April 02
Burr Oak seedlings taken from the Box. Will they survive without their close companionship in the 'forest'.
Taken 12 April 02

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