Starting Burr Oak Trees from Seed.


Prepare for winter 2002...

Will this year's seedlings survive the winter in the D40 Tubes?

The seedlings have been growing in D40 tubes all summer. These were placed either in racks or in "pots" in fenced-in nurseries set up in our back yard. Since the pots are exposed to the air they may not give enough protection to the roots over the harsh Wisconsin winter. I wanted to dig these in to the ground but didn't relish the idea of digging a trench large enough to hold nearly 1000 plants. This is the main reason I put off doing anything until mid November. The answer came in the form of a trip to the local yard waste drop off site to pick up a load of compost. We built a berm by covering over a frame holding tubes of Ohio Buckeye. We then began propping up tubes against the berm and then progressively covered the plants with compost.





Before finishing I had to get a second load of dirt. And this nearly filled the whole back garden. to a depth of nearly 2 feet.

My concern is that the young trees will not like being buried for even this short time. Or some bug or disease (or rodent) will dig in and have a feast.

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